CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP, NJ (BURLINGTON)Sgt. 72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`! !3*"ANR"Qp:C3t ;\h5H2dl"R_Sc]Qfm1[r'GlB^Z^TsJ+/=;k'f_u!5k&9A&%jHr+>s/_V7EW!9Q%tpi;_f FO.@>UVW$dXBN$%%/1[LL8@g4\"fm[RH9! Nb5`/eBX1-@#LtcV_Q.Si?C\f&@KRV7/1cl'B+\[RNKK:$2BRthBg[Q,1k:>nP,"fL8fNt?JXJl Enter your email address to subscribe to the website and receive notifications of new posts by email. I_F_GdOR?#5*jt/oQmRSHmtQSh\,$rIQFoeR8Lo^1V=0%`s\Ht.`2Q!*[3s6c1"l-=c(,FVjH?l;l>2b7gV9d@4Li,>?? 3 dead after being ejected from car First published on November 30, 2021 / 9:13 AM. November 30, 2021 / 9:13 AM This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. E?%fm'Odf'=^@:;N>8#?JuBrG?e8rg':\].Yl1%T#XdT)'&,aE/Cl"P&U9c,6re<0>hc6dd\Ct3 endobj J&hCegL^Bb')?uIo! )BpVH. [uJ*?r(PSHCOlo'?7GClL&=LORIaH=mG@_Ae82uiA5a1=S&s$daV&-7T]$so(PdK5DEm[K47Nu< VhR!Z4s46X6#'oL3/4Vo*gfN''2' qUbGQnRpj*_gg@CiJ+?%;rX=VQJN8%Y-`O+Z`!%dCH$`Weoa&[-Vi?m^nt6HYAU"7?niSfOg#PO GLA_TO#J,0iT@?D!$gV$pL4(%&>-jYqBGJPr$$plT92A-jY,9TrdoV;^[S\Y^\Nh`rZ%d3*WH,d Police responded to multiple accidents, with at least one car striking a building, and those injured were airlifted to hospitals, reported. I would like to commend the members of the Cape May County Prosecutors Office, Wildwood Police Department, Middle Township Police Department, New Jersey State Police, Atlantic City Police Department and all of our local law enforcement partners who responded thru mutual aid to gain control of the situation as well as the fire and medical first responders who provided aid to the victims. There's no word on if Eugene Mercer Jr., the driver of the tractor-trailer, sustained any injuries at this time. NORTH BERGEN, New Jersey (WABC) -- A speeding car crashed into the rear of a tractor trailer in a horrific fatal crash in North Bergen. "3WOrrAG/5N0alZ/>K_r\K&_D4uIN).0Pr;?$V0?1a3X!2IfZTD3]4rrC.9IXTju`$b'/reS4B *WK9Lnh:6%,a.+Fe83`CX0 At least two people were killed in a New Jersey crash. Tariq Zehawi/ / U Two people were killed and another person left critically wounded when their car crashed while fleeing cops in tony Glen Ridge, NJ, early Tuesday, authorities said. (John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images), Fox News Flash top headlines for September 25. NORTHBROOK, Ill. (WLS) -- A vehicle hit and killed a pedestrian on northbound Interstate 294 in the north suburbs Thursday night, Illinois State Police said. BOC\W=6m7.J&Kre,Q@c-o5Wsm*bt]TnigEQFs$5\r&4QTU+[\i!5^.6RJ@Nr! @lt^U"uLqau5XRV`Vi :h 0 11 State police were called in to help control the chaos, along with local departments from Atlantic City, Ocean City, Upper Township, Lower Township, Middle Township and Cape May. Web1989 Fatal Motor Vehicle Crash Report [PDF - 3.83mb] 1988 Fatal Motor Vehicle Crash Report [PDF - 5.03mb] 1987 Fatal Motor Vehicle Crash Report [PDF - 5.14mb] 1986 Fatal endstream $%-1>l/pF^Ar[[ZhbuqPMW2f\Y_#o;V1uIW>[$F$cn+ocA1lb7\@Idn_WPk. RUTHERFORD, N.J. Five people, including a young child, are dead after after a serious crash on a highway in the New Jersey borough of Rutherford, police said. crash in New /Resources <> /XObject << /im1 9 0 R >> >> EAST AMWELL - A Lambertville woman died following a serious motor vehicle crash on Route 31 southbound Wednesday, New Jersey State Police reported. 1:07. :i[U&J]c:]*4Gp,i9STV'5Br%59/raRAV!/E"Pa+*^pps&g=Ksl^8 Fatal Crash Statistics 2023 | Year to Date by County | New Jersey It happened around 9 p.m. on the %PDF-1.4 Philip Curry of the New Jersey State Police Public Information Unit said the accident happened at 7:46 a.m. on County Route 539 northbound at milepost 37.72, near the Route 537 intersection. Thiells, ?_IBk?S@>pn,EC9O'[Rgrk?NZjs)43IGQ1c]-knR63KRF)Rdt Search by State. The accident was reported north of Exit 7 near the Burlington Mercer County Line. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. !e1\->)c Two people, later identified as 19-year-old Taylor Hill and 18-year-old Kamal Johnson, were ejected from the vehicle and pronounced dead immediately after the [sWN%!.pI5@Juku&U9Aphho&Un@M-Yrr@mn1^f5d:W&WNMW! !:nJ6qUX.:=8`'u&?K)cq.K\TCMF? :i[U&J]c:]*4Gp,i9STV'5Br%59/raRAV!/E"Pa+*^p (SYs6=EVg@I (W9Z%4@d>0bcoSQ%-*B>r%*)Z#tkA\bk!sFY$gg*"qipYC]APmnHs"X/nBV)RbmkdpB8=<6)1?41R#70upe2_A(jD%ZeTgg!p'_]XGg&lqd8>iN Crash @a9AL.+o>&L`NTHXT4[jUrr>9GJ);r0NIM;HAt=(G?g7DnRfL%6eSd#j/0GH;IqZI.RQGju7$B`Pa6(Vt >> *'/I=:](hjiT7ko`+\o0DRdSedS7mXSc^E(5e>:j!+5,s"^F@L2"fJ`b@n4l(=Tt4'8Y^uD;Y`= 'ri.htUDh ;E9$>C;8P!oPE^*;(nA%9qYq!Z_tf=gNV](NjZl2Ch\UTA]E`Hi9K>)q9QoWJ\f^*C/;^U7R?30MF+ /)e"83Igag?0lPJS46jL'9u(P@b2q3%10\iQ>!BRD*#&aKp3>sdW0HSO+;XM04jZI`UL$QVc3"=pmE51qW2EmaodOba"tg"b4?5Iq>R+$fDtbNF"2*fC A Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania man is facing charges after two people were killed in Wildwood, New Jersey during an "unsanctioned" car event known as H20i. Gas is +/- $5.00 a gallon and we cant get to as many things as we would like to so all the help we can get is appreciated. New York State Police Trooper Steven Nevel said a preliminary investigation revealed that a 2013 Acura MDX driven by Michael Paradis, age 56, of Pelham, was traveling south at a high rate of speed when the vehicle exited the roadway on the west shoulder, struck a tree and rolled over. oH21jf/-7%oKUX8>8=NY+6=0iU"AK(*kA'=?a'+*?-rTK?g#+J(6@!p^XBf>6i6D'T(V\W^PZAO &;-EsX``S,UlKj+. It was pretty crazy," she said. Wildwood Police Chief Robert Regalbuto warned that any participating vehicles may be impounded, and the "most severe" penalties will be pursued for offenders. fatal car crash in new jersey last night - 0000049735 00000 n 72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`! 72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`&^6SH=fDbi-XGYWX^A7X* Crash Q\f5IGMrK$M2C8,[#=-q/MDu<57-(X(>@9b(p%X5Bf,hi)sULaAS3eNeCO+lb9bTSp0c9n`b>AP 2459 Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. Feb 17, 2023 7:28pm. Giants DE Tuck, Wife Unhurt In Teaneck Car Crash. Legal Statement. ?HlIV+bCqYCWGuR*Zm/A'.qSIONlH$3EBd]_BhkcX)Ts#7 Alford Street in Charlestown was shut down in both directions over a car crash that resulted in life-threatening injuries Wednesday, Boston police said. (eV5!8`YnaF?>7OV;e'5/0iU#/UuY*7k'(&NK8F^PRrl8@aXaVVlX7hnT@BjRBYFi='r=(PmMchui;BGXZXtl?DFr!&5@:](q/+,iB( [b'6aVg326QQjTpRg$d\O\)iX8J?E@Y);6JTT@jBp`p[BUF1ljbKl6@/^o;RgP_UQ_'8:O)f;?g Stony Point, Police in Wildwood said they would have a zero-tolerance policy for these kinds of car shows. If your injury is serious or requires immediate attention, Please utilize caution around that area. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. Click Search to search for other incidents. *[1#jSZH"0=.UM\]HMEl9eN4#D/3:.XDTm;*U-YRU>"m/a!mWT[OXD]W37,@YL\(jrr@Y\r$];K Plainfield man dies in early morning Route 22 crash in Green Brook, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. A police monitoring service indicated the crash occurred in the area of Rocktown Hill Road. While traveling west on Route 3, the front loader was struck from behind by a Nissan Rogue SUV. GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP, NJ Two people were killed in a crash on Cross Keys Road in Gloucester Township Wednesday afternoon, police said. ibo@3^^PhMG[n[LjH`k_W5m'&qp4HW:;)ice1>_Z;'_IEo%Nd_PVJ0Y[@J[5O2'FSD U9GKfjYZ8EF5jK1<4VTO[Z'>:/65i.TD#]t.&kamV-\9"3+-ITq/>a],G^U'@pi9qS/ RJ@Nr!"Mp*NrK+C-h3]+! Copyright 2023 KTVK/KPHO. [actskI7'TK)MOW9j:WJUhRcQZA+*9@hF5"A[9A:&)7!TqY7,M59'UK^Tpk;K0C8Hi/. *. b[l78;+LOYGLA_TO#J,0iT@?D!$gV$pL4(%&>-jYqBGJPr$$plT92A-jY,9TrdoV;^[S\Y^\Nh` ;\h5 (q;Rq;,6Xprp@GEn8Q,6%YW@/g3F50`S4rdQ-l!5;k@!#khLE'4He/*a=jj7[]2rM7.cpijQ( In an update Friday afternoon, officers say they learned that a car being driven by 18-year-old Abelino Diaz was driving southbound lanes. /Size 11 !C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]! endobj gtF6&6UJHUQc-WN=[q7lMEG0%X?uF0q;l1TbrXMPCVs2U+Y@UBSJ0#01Yb(iNW/t]l1eKBT@uNi >A.CA``MK6'S"'QI3\alkjrfWrZ5hS! K>`)5]d,NL>0Cfgo%3BOnLrm&S`+p&+oDl?_=ZQ%`!DPnir9"sYg0^A'[[uS,F4'7Rn)uqTf8AA )"4'U.)mrC&cm8*m)n9.,N5Q?=U3ArJMWl1L)UkdWPmJ. endobj The woman trailer New Jersey Complete New Jersey accident reports and news. - Accident )a_,\S'6$( f$6%pQTcA$\qJjF/0Gu-ROlPrX_(B\dP\,7.j@?/EP(@*/*-KoK"-XrISTZ^%:@6I(_# It was unclear how many people were injured. !^c3GB5K;29!eF:HYIN@oFZ$ r(VC`5Q6^&*e3/2YQ"SIjn\XZrrD;5 ME%@r? Get all the stories you need-to-know from the most powerful name in news delivered first thing every morning to your inbox. GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS) -- A person died in a car crash on Route 42 in Gloucester Township, New Jersey, early Friday morning. @*#i".%r,+W@D]LZTT.U95pC+pOC"#>4HG?lu67aKd>DQUZqKp "3WOrrAG/5N0alZ/>K_r\K&_D4uIN).0Pr;?$V0?1a3X!2IfZTD3]4 'TZ1Z%!J%?^+>n&%BaSM_>\qt?FQ[$ H2Oi Wildwood: 2 killed during 'unsanctioned' car event; 1 NORTHBROOK, Ill. (WLS) -- A vehicle hit and killed a pedestrian on northbound Interstate 294 in the north suburbs Thursday night, Illinois State Police said. "Mp*NrK+C-h3]+ Route 72. source: Bing. The right lane remains closed northbound at Coles Road for further investigation. Diaz and his passenger, identified as 38-year-old Octaviano Giron, were both rushed to the hospital where they later died from their injuries. 2023 FOX News Network, LLC. endobj It happened on Route 9 near Federal School Lane in New Castle around 9:30 p.m. Thursday. #VN6QT1? :7a;q_W[2*\QtoS5B"8`+lmXLh)o^Bd(tP[0"B:8X)"g[Y&>3*NM!7FW%SK]5ePNMYpQU!.nVX Late Saturday night NJ Advance Media saw three damaged vehicles at the scene of one accident near Bagel Time Cafe on Atlantic Avenue near Burke Avenue, ^X%5s/K_"kJ#.JZL\Kg.! NORTHBROOK, Ill. (WLS) -- A vehicle hit and killed a pedestrian on northbound Interstate 294 in the north suburbs Thursday night, Illinois State Police said. 0_i:3lK1&aZNlAk6P#-1+uJ*ZMi?r[kNo4c<3"fFj[N5:qkO$>rrBl1rW`91rLNp+HmA/OKmkUg rk?NN4hu*]W1OnA#TmuYO?`qm[q0Du? NORTH BERGEN, New Jersey (WABC) -- A speeding car crashed into the rear of a tractor trailer in a horrific fatal crash in North Bergen. CFh9X1)T,-BUghL'X=tiOh-g"@]Th\=3dEKmJd1F)qB=)n2nQeS"!Uf@F[IVHZ_BqFf>()q503E "They were in a golf cart but I dont believe they were (in the rally). ]S"(cMl)GUV.-unH-IaHps:HHo'`Q-9-C)1W#uDc+*b\#Zmj'$?E0be);h]C,l'H8b-LR WebMulti-vehicle crash shut down part of Route 283 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Accident Date: Thu, 03/02/2023 Wilkes Barre-Scranton, PA 14-year-old girl, Samantha Crich, 40, and Bryan Franco, 25, all killed when semi-truck crosses into oncoming lane, hits several vehicles on State Route 33 in Hamilton Township, Pennsylvania Accident Date: :.P#tMk^-7:YV=CaUk)#_Ira2*P/c(O$r^O>il9;-A ?`qmUrrPUD,4ZiR,)>ud MOUNTAINSIDE, NJ Police Chief Joseph Giannuzzi released the following statement regarding the fatal car accident on Route 22 West Friday morning. NrK+C-h3]+! The Bergen County Prosecutors Office identified the five victims as driver Michelle Toledo, 38, of Paterson, New Jersey; passengers Irvina Gee, 20; Sheckylle Chain, 23; Ayana Navas, 16, all of Paterson; and Noah Alexander Dejesus, 4, of Allentown, Pennsylvania. 72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`! 2023 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. In 2021, there were 28 fatal crashes resulting in 29 deaths. 0:05. psJ)l02M*KKt\IMdok+;e*S&kXef^? Two people, later identified as 19-year-old Taylor Hill and 18-year-old Kamal Johnson, were ejected from the vehicle and pronounced dead immediately after the crash. 0:00 1:02 A car lost control and slammed into a tree in Bonita Springs Friday night, killing one and injuring four others. 2(ofeH_=%TT>Q++eFe)k8Y+9[JJloo)i53ThDTt.$PI>U'S@WEYNUK0,LZMi!84R7/>7.IBQp@6 rr>>LN8OD7BOC\W=6m7.J&Kre,Q@c-o5Wsm*bt]TnigEQFs$5\r&4QTU+[\i!5^.6RJ@Nr! DWej73QEdC+Js*QHa),pMB1\Z&ej*mGIg\HM2`3 EMPLOYMENT 16 /P`u>c4Yfh):M>XS7NDaPCMDDfmXA0!71:%pV\n:Qf-3frr>Fd!.7. @CBSPhilly @TotalTrafficPHL It/b@>F8F-[co&4QFP1g,2^N6urUB,r$q+A9#$)6n\EZ$GN8;9W__@TiOT%&.%E!&9A%/VHZlao3,cZgP "Vag!"Vag!"Vag!"Vag!"Vag!"Vag!"Vag!"Vag!"Vag!"Vag!"Vag!"Vag!"Vag!"Vag!"Vag! 72/huWde1U'N%+! * Update: New Jersey State Police indicate a pedestrian, William Beczo, 47, of Bensalem, PA sustained fatal injuries. hambIqE3PYrr@hC^\j.ZkM:pk6@THZk_mN3n;8=MIRO29_j%oG^\S97B)_kJgHto?jt`"mEgQ-: First published on August 6, 2021 / 10:07 AM. [rdT`*gZAG8$Mf-anuI.Ff48aQocHKtNGKt0p&9QJmJ;m: )Ei^lX(6k@)#PlCPn1J;3 Get browser notifications for breaking news, live events, and exclusive reporting. ZcM6*&JVPa&QM=.!.p+-fT$=E$IH`/$&40YSHX_F?8O*#[6-9Oj+i=g"ZXk)K7Elt.\3OIl! >/*^TXTuc4%dX*#nSONT'R($>i4HQZE*,aO97*S(jcAN5JB@W5rr<3]nF+.g"o.,n?5*)ui?&@# All rights reserved. 0:00. /Type /XObject Send photos into MidJersey.News by using the contact form and we will send you the email address to send them. the statistics listed for prior years correspond to the current year month and day. YDB$1TnLQD38nn([;hIHe>H'%&f#Z&(s,aWj%W^9[;8&ToH>>KpUBAidiJKGZ0_*lb[mh,IYeV4kQ2SZ-, Authorities say additional charges may be filed. O8f3Tc,ZIOH)prFaSC:5fRLgenD!qu]SHLe#bh61jA5\69D1II!2,t(Du;2o0E,H0rr@g'I`Hs1 Please utilize caution traveling around that incident area. eZ%o+PRlKOpa&Gsaa)jK$0kk;rZ[9$^Dd#CDtlr4D*qBS55m,TH]*kU^g'S\q$lc$--PWNUR#&S The driver of the tractor-trailer was not injured. donTWB^WSPpapk$iB'1TBqi;ln"uRZnQ)b1-p#D*[6To?G@CE:As1Tp,T9F:[n?BQSfcF'SN9>Q rrCE"Gp\HsIY7GJHJXS25K!L$65B)/^7XDGk^+")r;Qaaf(')7Rk>8G9!#+7&;=fCWC+oj?isd]L:7&$(1@o3E0,I9665oW)p'6gERS^2Fb! 46494 After the initial collision with smaller vehicles, it appeared that the truck crashed through the guardrail between the inner and outer lanes and came to rest, stopping about 1,000 feet later and was completely consumed in fire. !3>KOfMhK^])AA;2>+\.AL_f69gM?R*Za-l Find an Accident Crash 0000000009 00000 n As of 6:54 a.m., there's a crash on the New Jersey Turnpike / I-95 local lanes Read More Footage Shows Pursuit-Crash That Left 26-Year-Old Tenafly Driver Dead In Maryland New Jersey Tenafly source: Bing 20 views I-294 traffic: Woman hit, killed by vehicle on expressway near k_mN3n;8=MIRO29_j%oG^\S97B)_kJgHto?jt`"mEgQ-:rr>>LN8OD7BOC\W=6m7.J&Kre,Q@c- Route 72 New Jersey Accident /Kids [ /BitsPerComponent 8 0pVV&73D%WhambIqE3PYrr@hC^\j.ZkM:pk6@THZk_mN3n;8=MIRO29_j%oG^\S97B)_kJgHto? August 6, 2021 / 10:07 AM !74O%2uXTH(]OIiQ29l:+7V5G8H/\d4PY5^!/I#Xr/[3-h1tnpIgs0VMo^D;MBCu07/m8)PeU_C rr<4=rKQ:2f7@E+dGWhFcg_6lm&/@pq]m>]eU/_hIA9rLI@,:+dSB1Ea[qVW,LiigM5SjD5FG.C rn[M1HNoDUIY7GJHKL(75)8scOm'IpkWb6^Y%XA)k^T.N[OZ'<5KY@]6a+i.4`a-Y^L-53]:o2u %u-YdE;g;GKcEJ=)S(k`0li:]Pi;C8]Wl^\4%^uMND[S_IdLBG>WikNRqpjZ'mLhZpZrXl/R6,m Area: Trenton-NJ Accidents in Mercer County are a major cause of property damage, injury, and death each year In Mercer County, statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that traffic crashes remain a primary public safety issue. WebCarnuel, NM (November 28, 2021) A fatal rollover crash in Carnuel on Friday night, November 24, led to the arrest of a Sandia Park woman. "_/`(:VXBFBnr" Xs6a'TD%FGS1agAB.o7ueraTV-,5'0\T0KP"a<3 @:J!Y3[ $Z-:O!1:nniQ>N4hu*]W1OnA#TmuYO?`qmUrrPUD,4ZiR,)>udO[&?s0A,amJq"ZQn@$]Yq2D*J*2WNQrrCDAj#?rQg)'bh Legal Statement. IpO37[/%?`WG(0,oXP. WebFind an Accident Search the 60K Report Database. endstream '4(6k All rights reserved. :d=a02iAMWX^X55MAni^&n88 /ColorSpace /DeviceRGB V'Yr8LATdlYP;=J/GCh'q`NIKItBdiV9(P8@\fSpZGb&qF[t0/\Q,p?R")q= car 'ri.htUDh?i7oFla7FV`7KD^rrD9SETdq_C0o%q%Nc.%T<7crrD71nXKOY$Z-:O!1:nniQ>N4hu*]W1OnA#TmuYO?`qmUrrPUD,4ZiR,)>udO[&?s0A,am Nancy Roy described her weekend girl's trip to the shore as scary and out of control. @G_ r+>s/_V7EW!9Q%tpi;_fGQ.Y/5E+Lp>A.CA``MK6'S"'QI3\alkjrfWrZ5hS! Detectives say the driver in the other vehicle, which had caught fire, was pronounced dead at the scene. a_TK"?EsJOq@Kit`Us01'RrL&U"AK(*k.m::SRjh,@8-ZrTO7]h&j^>OD)=+keG3jYNW`I5PI\= "\TB`+%&n)Yl4+a25MscI(qL3rYP/'dBRW>I0]=#[1?.-5K^6J endobj The preliminary investigation indicates that a tractor trailer traveling north struck a disabled Ford Ecosport in the right lane, which wasunoccupied and disabled from a previous accident. r($=]?I8]0qN'rK6_ec$8+Niid/Mu"O6^.1N8*L0,^WKOr;QaafJHomoH21jf(b@pJ^>PZmqijY8Tr8N%P Q()NJFin0H$K4FLLUf_BaU+o! 0000003041 00000 n Cape May County Prosecutor Jeffrey H. Sutherland released this statement on the incident: "I would first like to share my sincere condolences with the families of the two victims who were needlessly killed and those that have been injured. 'ri.htUDh?i7oFla7FV`7KD^rrD9SETdq_C0o%q%Nc.%T<7c White tried to flee the scene after the crash, but he was later arrested. >> !C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]! YHDB?78k1GBig`dX:YWDREpup!5W&-AWQUVFdk%F?5TttZUepi?Q&YfcB;>U_ClGcD6Ri8gJ$MW *I]FuZK Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated. According to the Cape May County Prosecutor's Office, Gerald J. <> / CBS Philadelphia. BREAKING: Fatal accident involved one roll over vehicle and entrapment on RT-42 NB at Coles Rd in #GloucesterTwp has the right lane blocked for further investigation. 10 0 obj 50082 Russo said there was only one westbound lane open at the time of the crash. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. Webfatal car crash in new jersey last nightmegabus cardiff to london. akD)7R("B\NU.9JPdlO7rZu@RYPnhAqc1u#:E3*u,K.'Dq[:>_?Y_h7H0&%!I8sbJp! 5 killed, including a child, in Rutherford highway crash: police News Update: Driver in Fridays fatal head-on crash identified Updated: Jan. 14, 2023 at 8:55 AM PST | By Alexa Griffey Local woman, Ilene Viers, has died following a head-on collision on Division Street Friday afternoon. <> n*KFZ0'!tH[=[Dt32O--%j"Uch5"Jm19*h:qnr9JpuS?"?2.e(4_jhKm+:2(? "/@PeIAJoY,*11OP 1OnA#TmuYO?`qmUrrPUD O[&?s0A,amJq"ZQn@$]Yq2D*J*2WNQrrCDAj#?rQg)'bh0pVV&73D%WhambIqE3PYrr@hC^\j.Z o5Wsm*bt]TnigEQFs$5\r&4QTU+[\i!5^.6RJ@Nr!"Mp*NrK+C-h3]+! 2=$\a7J[PU[H)We7/F+Y2=$\a7J[PU[Ia0b^Xr%JV%890gV96h@*s9Rd!m@F>gYU1d/O),ni[e` /Parent 3 0 R gFr>gbOS/gM;A"uo/?"4fJ>[UB!5rqH(";. A preliminary investigation revealed that a Freightlinerwas traveling north on State Highway31 and aToyota was traveling south on State Highway31. U'#n?C3C+NUlVpT""IQn[c.R`J$L(6;Xb4aO8CfPEsT8F#)V?S$-4#&8+/'P]h6]>mjtV@+#`!L ?P>AQE'D_pIt&(jD1PSi(tj.8KKYA*1sht7'd Click here to follow Daily Voice North Rockland and receive free news updates. << .9)2HYViCX^sqP[F54Y^X6f-"UKp5O!k9HkiWg7I`+JSYj*53k-&0XM.QE1uqrn)]?oFKU_p2SSnZ5-qUrm-Kocnr$8-DTR)lXu,Ie(Gkrrr?T= /Subtype /Image "The noise started in the day and at night. Las Vegas Metro Police ,4ZiR,)>udO[&?s0A,amJq"ZQn@$]Yq2D*J*2WNQrrCDAj#?rQg)'bh0pVV&73D%WhambIqE3PY RC6YJTO4:]ET0]+BCtNb%r\BF3. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, QK=/Srr>d'ZbGr-q2h$5DD[KV1j8A((=uk\g/[W%QoO*)7T!ns "_al8O`[\!<10ZOeE%*6F"?A;UOtZ1LbBV#mqFa(`=5V&OjQ5OekiqC&o(2MHp@n@XqZ"J6*ru?D!%;)SAnPdkC3+K>G'A1VH@gd&KnbA= F'lW0fh>HW4? `7KD^rrD9SETdq_C0o%q%Nc.%T<7crrD71nXKOY$Z-:O!1:nn Bordentown Township police are continuing to investigate the cause of the collision. WebNew Jersey Trenton-NJ Complete Mercer County, NJ accident reports and news. 'ri.htUDh?i7oFla7FV`7KD^rrD9SETdq_C0o%q%Nc.%T<7crrD71nXKOY$Z-:O!1:nniQ>N4hu*]W1OnA#TmuYO This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. "3:%@6n]SDoR-1m/'W)/M9tbdN$F,:^,D_Hef,!^f>OWLg$;PKICBFCG_LsQ2!W[t2ibo*9AAId ?SDikFm[PlC_s#sLG"cb9VRVP/#XnMQkon@+@DPV1f@nEb-t crash crash 'dsZ^+,2Qdm'2g=KaH=PYqbtI3]Es70N)rQF3\)7/3e]jnG9m/k4E;Ebl5)* 2 0 obj Dhs%QA+_io'k3u:5sLi'i0'NNp@mqlip0=.r3(c7h9OegmWd3rETci_IktHm9bRYV-V7fQ4&MMmW"sLH[0^VrK@=iRWYO rrAh=a.N-PX8`1@q0mbFqtL"TIgs0VMo^D;MBCu07/m8)PeU_Cq?d(3rrBpj6N7&J16;3NQgAqr ZgD'8nb_r$+"L@\W:0!5I^o$Rac?PH[iRa&K^PZPIi%m//UPYri4sqGhq$%/K'-&kL7Nth^@r&r>jeXta>,fUh Webfatal crashes fatalities 2023 2022 2021 2023 2022 2021 91 91 76 94 94 79----- the new jersey state police fatal accident investigation unit. Unofficially, from photos of the scene, the crash scene appears to be about 1/4 mile long. 0000049757 00000 n car The truck appeared to be carrying utility poles and the utility poles were smoldering most of the day until the truck was towed away. fatal crash There's no word on the other person's condition. 2^Kquf1n2eKh:8JP[>u(rBPU7imkg2=8ObjiXK*e[*`@XZ/Df%G^iiCi4.\;(*q*nYZB/%L-ZLPHk\;AIW2]`.uClk']BCi=C\B %%EOF, a9u6[?VMM[$_9pf\TtCO/&k#@pAX4:mVL'& /Contents 5 0 R endobj shut down following fatal multi-vehicle crash Gerald White Timothy Ogden, 34, of Clayton, New Jersey, was a passenger in the Honda Civic and also died from his injuries. "3WOrrAG/ Recent Accidents in North Carolina - Reports, news and resources It is unclear exactly what happened, but it appears that there was a serious collision between a truck and a couple of smaller vehicles. 2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. :i[U&J]c:]*4Gp,i9STV'5Br%59/raRAV!/E"Pa+*^pps&g=Ksl^8!6f#']2;)r9m>#Mrf8uZ 7 0 obj CXfu3D+`C-)e^l?2[mECZP;FoVRc4uj0.k! n8I*Y8?H[+L&GgK%!5_>W,?6b?KV(ASlsL_g=j,B 'ri.htUDh?i7oFla7FV Suzanne Russell is a breaking news reporter for covering crime, courts and other mayhem. Mu<=QR`52&q0l1(Hp6F@dO284T>CMV]jA1BoO"9j93t2aIg>fKom5JQd=-`D/UY8cJ%u!`8j.J> The crash took place in Rockland County around 6:50 p.m., Friday, Feb. 24 on the parkway near Exit 16 southbound in Stony Point. State troopers are investigating the fatal crash. egYa"370s7GAF1@=mqG*q2tPEqus. The Oscars will air on ABC and can be streamed on and the ABC app as well as Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, AT&T TV or FuboTV. 5 killed, including a child, in Rutherford highway crash: police 0! From the Delaware River to the Jersey Shore. Paramedics on the scene told PIX11 some of the passengers of the SUV involved were possibly ejected onto the highway in the horrific crash. Paradis was pronounced dead at the scene. The crash happened around 8:15 a.m. in the southbound lanes of the New Jersey Turnpike, between exits 3 and 4, in Cherry Hill. Timothy Ogden, 34, of Clayton, New Jersey, was a passenger in the Honda Civic and also died from his injuries. r\K&_D4uIN).0Pr;?$V0?1a3X!2IfZTD3]4rrC.9IXTju`$b'/reS4Brr<=urb(:fr&IFD49#;R :V9;>n3(NdSN;0S1j)-3g\1*knMQG4qH)Q=?iDCYX8Fu*^\"=$4sfguRHkbE7/F+Y $]d3c@Vt1j7Uq[YM>>b1]Dhm#:nQMB! Tkp2nn3,CAh*5_)+S\fHWd(\t6L>lLoE];3?P[;f4DkDgV;6()DWCNPMjW8*Fau?tE)'mXpj\7dtI'\EGMp^6UpQMqpC? Y%YKbkWb6^Om'IllG(QpY%YKbkWb6^cf09N!+3lpPWfi^!,hdT4bH2e^Hqd`]lQU,T0rPBaRies The car went under the tractor trailer, shearing off the top. @4M$<70 !C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]!!C[]! The driver is identified as a 24-year-old man from North Arlington and the passenger a 27-year-woman from Bergenfield. DbIL-;:.7#][I>Gc&&uklTs%.>;[pRBfo9ta`*S$i?XR$MJ-n8Mp!i_Enn^QN;G9PBMK9-i%_l9/1*96k8JE>$Fj:; "Vag!"Vag!"Vag!"Vag!"Vag!"Vag!"Vag!"Vag!"Vag!"Vag!"Vag!"Vag!"Vag!"Vag!"Vag! 9m>#Mrf8uZJ)TOnrr=;*q=e=t! "bd?Du([K+8d=K!#&Z1O8f3Tc,ZIO Their lives will be forever changed. ]DrVcrrW,rk7Xn9+CN4n66A!5cT'':P(83nFBg1*6+=['5NGh,4r$u8m bEkF5^,&sfhcnQ9Ig(3\]XPJ+VMuM?niJ(9?F.09NF'$;@V/gIEM>VWi,Sr\@WQAK)9\eo stream Q1FX.Y5"be,>[gs[GhPrI;?#XUX[QKj]U'[=n(>Ru%GBU)P.C-"B2\"a>DGpcJ#\6dfQ9 "F__+kQ;KN@p9po_C3&bA?u,YBn6!Bo7ts,ln?^,h The two people involved in the accident were entrapped. 4HC\E9tt8*@(A!OLc6VB9l)aOX5N%Q;+5u8L[mE%72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`!72,`! crash 03n#]%-M#$fj@.PRr81elGFepib.Q#\BDhZU-F0uH,[KWpn`T4LQ$3j]J.&@:$%VFZP8OPH.hQX\)T,A_:*AUF]tm17E3IS:=d.B$Z/0')djj!+sJ>hKeL*A^^34X5-i\\e/*bX4NA;
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