101 Best Beautiful Slavic Names For Your Baby | Kidadl Maybe a puppy or a kitten will be a perfect present for your little lady. The sister of Moses and Aaron was called Miriam according to the Bible, who after the Exodus became a prophetess to the people. To celebrate this cuddling uniqueness, parents choose different names for their mini versions. This gives Galina the soft and melodic meanings of calm and serenity, beautiful virtues which we hope will shine upon your beautiful newborn angel. Isabella - Call her Izzy. Vitaliya is derived from the Latin masculine name Vitalis, which also translates to mean vital or life. Several saints bore this smart name, and Vitaliya is a beautiful female equivalent to stem from this gorgeous root. 25 Beautiful Slavic Names For Baby Girls A luminous name for bright, shiny little girls you cant go wrong with the beautiful Yelena. It became common after the novel Rob Roy, written by Sir Walter Scott in 1817 in which Diana Vernon was a notable character. Claudia. Meaning resurrection, Anastasia is full of hope and vitality and would make an especially sweet choice for a baby born during the Easter period. Ava 5. Its a common Slavic name, mainly in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia. If you like the k addition in the masculine form, consider the feminine Zdenka as a fun alternative to Zdena, too. Simona is another name that has its roots in history and religion. Larisa - Greek nymph, daughter of Pegasus. Almeda: For the hardest-working little peanut, Almeda is a Latin exotic girl name for "ambitious". 270 Modern and Cool Slavic Girl Names with Meanings - NamesFrog That year, his first name was ranked #11 and his middle names were unranked and #585. But as at the same time its derived from Ivana, they can celebrate on January 7th with Ivelinas. Of course, if you want a badass name for your girl, you could name her after a great woman of history that you find to be badass. Her earthy, ethereal spirit adds beautifully soft and outdoorsy connotations to the name, making iva an especially gorgeous choice for a baby born in the springtime. Serving up the hottest food trends and the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide. Its believed that Leda and Zeus were in love and Zeus used to take the form of a swan to be with her; the beautiful Helen of Troy was their daughter. Daisies are beautiful and cute; they can be good friends and give you important advice. Russian Brides: Russian Women & Russian Girls | Russian & Ukrainian If you want a Slavic girl name that is feminist, badass, and legendary, rka is the one for you! Ewa is a beautiful Polish form of the ever-pretty Hebrew girls name Eve, which holds the vibrant meanings of life, or to live. Although spelled with a w, Ewa still maintains that same, earthy v sound in its pronunciation, making it a stand-out yet familiar choice at the same time. Phoebe - Greek for "brilliant". Ulyana is a pretty Slavic form of the popular, Roman-rooted feminine name Juliana. 2. Fleur. Karlie - "Free man". Kupala is a gorgeous Slavic female name that sounds fit for a fairy! Families That Understood The Assignment For Baby's First Halloween. Mira can be short of Miryam as well. Short and unique, Lada is a really sweet option to consider for your new princess. Regina. Vera, Viara or Veronika. What is the prettiest Russian girl name? (2023) - potoot.best Meaning Christmas day, Natasha makes a great choice of name to bestow upon a December-born baby as a way of ensuring she carries around that cozy, spiritual, festive joy with her wherever she goes. Pronunciation: OWL-Gaa. Free registration: photo, video, mail & chats. The cute diminutive Zosia is an adorable option to consider, too! In Slavic mythology, Prija is the name of the goddess of good wishes, and what could be a more perfect wish than the arrival of a beautiful baby girl? You won't find much information about this name online; however, people in Russia know that it gained popularity because of actress Ms Faina Ranevskaya, one of the most important figures in Soviet cinema and theatre. That Slavic slav element on its own also holds the triumphant meanings of glory and fame, making Slavena even more of an awesome name for your beautiful little warrior. After their death, Sophia and her daughters were canonized for saints. Monica. Francine. Ianus is one of the most important Roman gods that gives name to the first month of the year: January. This uncommon girls' name dates back to mediaeval times, but its origin is uncertain. Yana is a pretty Slavic form of Jane, having been ultimately derived from the Hebrew masculine name, John. With influences from culture, mythology, language, and more, there are so many beautiful Slavic names for girls to choose from for your daughter. 1,000+ Unique Baby Girl Names For One-of-a-Kind Baby Girls - Fatherly Mila, or its longer variant Kamila, meaning 'dear,' is one of the better-known names on this list due to the fame of actress Mila Kunis. Babies come to the world carrying their own personality and beauty. Daria (or Dari for shorter) is an exotic Slavic name. Malina is an especially sweet name to pick for your daughter, as the pretty word actually translates to mean raspberry from a handful of Slavic languages! it means young and youthful or Joves child. It means little fir tree and parents give this name wishing their little woman to grow beautiful, tall and strong. Amelia 3. Both of my daughters' names - Samantha and Charlotte - made this list of pretty names for girls! Variations: Anne, Ann. Io was an important figure and gave names to many geographical places, such as the Ionian Sea (south of the Adriatic Sea). Penelope - Greek for "bobbin-weaver". 38.Miroslaw, Miroslawa: peace and glory. Tsvetelina, Tsveta or Tsvetana: the list of floral baby girl names is long. Irina is a gorgeously soft and melodic Slavic girl name and a form of the popular international girls name Irene. Sobiesawa is a charming Slavic female name, which may be an uncommon choice, but one that will certainly be admired by history buffs or those who adore unique, regal names! Ignore that unusual meaning of lame and crippled, as we think Klavdiya is a strong Slavic female name that is full of strength and power! Although unrelated, the Slavic girl name Prija is similar in sound and style to the Indian female name Priya, which holds the meaning of beloved, also making a gorgeous choice. Leda was an ancient goddess of beauty and also the word leda in Greek means woman. Klara. For example, there are different saints and Russian rulers that had the name Theodore. 1,100 Popular Girl Names in the UK | Pampers UK Meaning of the sky, or heavenly, the dreamy Celestyna shimmers and shines, offering a unique aura that is simply out of this world. Slavic Girl Names - Mama Natural Fleur is a French girl's name that means 'flower' in English. Antonina - feminine form of Anthony. Elena - shining light. Especially the baby girl ones. Try Alisa or Anastasia, Katia or Katerina, Zoya or Zenovia. In this article, we cover Russian girl names and meanings across all categories. Chelsea X Leeds - Ao Vivo Grtis HD Sem Travar | Futebol Grtis HD 100 Rare Girl Names with Their Beautiful Meanings - Parade Its used mainly in Bulgaria ( in Cyrillic) and there are many melodic variations that can be given for short names: Ellie, Elinka, Elichka, Elka or simply El. Although it may get confusing arranging all those similar-looking characters as you spell the name on paper, Ljiljana is a worthwhile choice that will always be admired. Olivia 2. Why dont you organize two name days? Eve and Eva are both popular choices in English-speaking countries, so mix it up by opting for Yeva. Nowadays there are many famous people who bear this name: the British queen and the legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor are only some of them. The "Iron Lady", as called by a Soviet journalist, is one of the controversial Prime ministers of the UK. Aliona is a beautifully sweet Russian female name that rolls off the tongue melodically. Adorned Attraction Auspicious Awesome Best Blue Brave Bright Brilliant Calm Celebration Charitable Charming Chastity Chief Complete Conqueror Consciousness Constant Continuous Cool Cooperative Courage Creation Creative Creator Crystal Cupid Curious Dark Dear Death . Why not bring it back in fashion by choosing it for your perfect new daughter? Gordana is the feminine form of the Slavic male name Gordan, which holds the regal meanings of proud and dignified. We love the stylish edge the name Gordana holds, offering both sophisticated grace yet an inner confidence we should all strive to possess ourselves beautiful virtues to bestow upon your daughter. The second meaning is "defender of mankind" as this is the shortened version of Oleksandra (or Alexandra.) It's just as popular now as it was a century ago, making it a timeless choice. Devana is the name of the Slavic goddess of hunting and forests, akin to the Roman goddess Diana or the Greek goddess Artemis. There are a lot of famous actresses called Miriam: Miriam McDonald, Miriam Shor, Miriam Flynn, etc. The meaning of the letters of the name shows that women with this name are sensitive and caring and they also love animals. Both of these nicknames are popular choices in English-speaking countries, so if youre looking to mix it up a bit, we definitely recommend Katya as a bubbly and fashionable alternative. Young Girl, Goddes of Love, Slavic - Tulip; Arabic - Intoxication; Wine; English:Spanish - Emerald, A person from Lydia, a region in Asia Minor, Slavic variation of names Lily and Elisabeth, A Slavic form of the name Margaret meaning pearl. A name that is as spiritual as it is historical, Celestyna is derived from the ancient Roman girls name Caelestinus, which was notably borne by five popes. Actually, Ioan is known in the Western world as John. Sierra: The Spanish word for mountain. Ivelina or Evelina is another name that tickles gently peoples ears. According to numerological readings, women with this name are interesting people who can lead deep conversations about the world. 34.Idania: hardworking. 116 Slavic Names With Unforgettable Meanings and Variations It translates as faith. Unique Russian Girl Names. Whether you have roots in one of these countries or just like the idea of paying homage to a different culture, you may flip when you discover some of these incredibly pretty girls' names. As well as serving as a sweet nickname form of longer names such as Albina or Adelina, Alina is a popular choice independently, too, holding the gorgeous meanings of noble and bright.. Mia 6. It also implies that people who have it are as strong as a rock. Bulgarian feminine form of Bozidar, meaning divine gift. Absolutely beautiful Russian girls for Dating and Marriage. 138 Beautiful Slavic Girl Names With Meanings - MomJunction A marigold flower is similar to the sun in its associations, representing power and glowing light that shines against all odds. Elisaveta is a soft and fairy-like Slavic form of the ever-popular, English choice of name, Elizabeth. In fact, as well as being a Slavic name, Nikita is also recognized as an Indian feminine name, where it holds the cozy meaning of house.. Joasia is a sweet and girly Polish form of the beautifully timeless name Joanna, itself derived from the Latin Iohanna. 100 Pretty Russian Girl Names (Regal and Refined) - Mom Loves Best " It is a unique and charming choice for a little young lady. Slavic. Doubravka is a stylish and earthy choice of Slavic female name, having been derived from an old Slavic word meaning oak grove. This lush meaning seems to connote adventure, stability, and might, making it a beautiful choice for an outdoorsy little girl full of wonder and curiosity. Bulgarian form of Bojana, meaning battle. 155+ Russian Girl Names and Meanings in 2022 | Names QnA Girls named Ioana are kind, respect values and sometimes can be stubborn. Girls called Elitsa celebrate their name day on the Sunday before Easter. With roots in both Greek and Hebrew, this baby girl's name means "God is gracious." Klavdiya - female form of Claudius. arlota is a Czech form of the ever-pretty and popular English name Charlotte, yet with a unique flair we cant help but adore. According to Slavic mythology, the founder of Poland was named Lech, whose legend features in tales dating all the way back to the early 14th century. So lets see 25 of the most amazing Slavic baby girl names. The term Slav represents so many cultures under one umbrella and serves as an easy way to consolidate all of these captivating names in one place. While this is known as Palm Sunday in the majority of the Christian world, in Bulgaria, which is mainly an Orthodox country, this is the so called Flower Day. These connotations are beautiful sentiments to link to a name, making Nevana a truly special choice of name indeed. Elmina: For the willful warrior, Elmina is one of the more exotic girl names meaning "helmet" or "protection" in German. The meaning is to heal, and recent parents have used the name. Ekaterina is a pretty and sassy Slavic girl name, which is derived from the same root as the popular name Katherine. 45994 women are talking about 'Russian baby girl names' on Peanut. With the meaning of wisdom, Zofia is a wonderfully virtuous choice of name, encouraging education and bravery in your new little princess. Lissandra. The numerological significant of the name can be presented by the number three, which according to some spiritual readings means that people with this name bring emotions to a relationship and give love. It possibly has Gallic, German and Celtic elements. This unique-sounding yet awesome choice is derived from the Slavic element vlast, which holds the charming meaning of homeland, making it a perfect choice if youre looking to honor Slavic heritage in your baby girls name. Urka is a gritty yet sweet Slovene diminutive form of the Latin-rooted name Ursula. Derived from separate Slavic elements which give the name those joyous meanings of happy and gracious, its hard not to adore a name that is so perfectly positive in tone. Regal in style and connotations, this Hebrew-rooted name holds the divine meaning of God is my oath. Elisaveta is a truly pretty variation to consider, with Elisa, Eliza, or even Veta making adorable nicknames. Also, literature loves Veras. Valeriya. Interestingly, the fruity name Malina may also be used as a feminine form of the masculine Malcolm, which adds some Scottish Gaelic influences to the name, too. As a Slavic name, Nikita is traditionally masculine, having been derived from the Greek name Niketas, which holds the strong meaning of victor. However, that Niki- element is a popular diminutive of English-language feminine names, too, such as Nicola or Nicolette. How about going for a Slavic name, which has some beautiful and unusual variations of regular names. Ekaterina may be an alternative form of Yekaterina, also a stylish Russian choice, which has a spicier flair than the softer Katherine. 115+ Elegant Girl Names That Scream Sophisticated Slavic names sound exotic, sometimes hard to pronounce, and are full of historical significance. It currently clocks in as the 60th most popular name for babies born in the U.S. while it's 17th on worldwide popularity charts. The name itself translates as kindness and women with it are energetic, open and goal-oriented and often make their own dreams come true. Meaning pure, Ekaterina is wholesome and true, making it a beautifully noble choice for your new little love. In 2006 her second son, Mario, was born, which wasnt an obstacle for her because a year later she won another medal. Pure and crisp, Bla is a beautifully simple choice of Slavic name to bestow upon your newest arrival. All rights reserved. They are great organizers at heart as well and can become powerful leaders. Names have numerological meaning and shape peoples paths as well. Russian heritage, or love the Russian language, you've come to the right place. 1; 2; 3 > NAMES MEANING GENDER; Ajla . Alina. 105 Strong Slavic Girl Names (With Their Meanings) - Mom Loves Best Irinas meaning of peace stems from the ancient Greek mythological goddess of peace, Eirene, which is a cool, divine snippet to share with your daughter if you choose this pretty name for her. A kalina is the equivalent of what we would refer to as viburnum in English, which is a beautiful and delicate genus of shrub, that produces the cutest clusters of tiny white or pink flowers when in bloom. They are unique, inspire and abundant. 6. 150 Unique Girl Names for Your Unique Baby Girl | Pampers 45 Adorable Russian Girl Names and Their Meanings - a Soothing Living If you like short names, Ruf is one you simply must consider. Anna Kournikova. And of course, lets not forget Theodore Roosevelt. Yet, when you add in the adorably soft connotations of the Slavic girl name Xenia, you get a wonderful name that seems perfect in every way. To celebrate this cuddling uniqueness, parents choose different names for their mini versions. Hailing from the name of the Roman emperor Constans, Constance means 'constant' or 'steadfast' - great qualities for your little one to have. Panya is a gender-neutral Russian name of Swahili and Russian origin meaning 'crowned one'. Darva is a cute Slavic female name with an equally adorable meaning! A famous person with the name Rumiana is the Bulgarian sportswoman Rumyana Neykova, a Olympian rower. Rada. Picking a Slavic baby name can mean a wide range of things. Another amazing Slavic name is Jaroslawa, the feminine version of the Polish men name Jaroslaw. Miroslavas are full of energy, optimism and confidence. Zinaida - : Meaning "like God". The fun and sassy name Branka is derived from names which contain that Slavic element of bran, which holds the loyal meanings of to defend or to protect. This element appears in Slavic given names such as Branislav or Branimir, as well as some surnames too, making Branka a particularly sweet diminutive choice if you are looking to honor a Bran in your family. Ekaterina is a form of the English Katherine, which would make Katya an equivalent to Cathy or Katy. Kvta is a delightful Slavic girl name that is full of the joys of spring, having been derived from the Czech word kvt, meaning flower. A longer form of this name would be Kvtoslava, which combines the floral element with the Slavic slav, adding an extra meaning of glory to the already powerful-sounding name. A woman who always glorifies the almighty. Kendra - English word that means "magical" or "water baby". Go camping with your little one and save turtles or dogs. Rua is a charming Slavic form of the beautifully delicate and feminine name, Rose. Pretty and Unique Baby Girl Names . Since the reign of Queen Elizabeth I in the 16th century, the name has become popular in the Western world. The first part bori translates as battle and slava as glory. 50 Stunning Slavic Girl Names (2023) - Names That Mean - LittleOneMag If youre a fan of the beautiful name Olivia, which has always been one of the highest-ranking names internationally, youre bound to love the pretty Polish version, Oliwia. There is an interesting Bulgarian journalist called Mira Dobreva. Its given to girls as a wish for them to be beautiful, peaceful and clever as a willow. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. Top 100 Russian Girl Names From Traditional to Unique Meaning queen, this Slavic girl name works well as a variation on the Latin Regina, with other alternatives including Reina or Rayna. 160 Beautiful Russian Baby Girl Names With Meanings - NamesFrog She is another beautiful Russian lady, a professional tennis player. 137 Magical Baby Girl Names and Their Mystical Meanings There is a saint called Daria who was martyred with her husband under the Roman emperor Numerian. As well as being the name of the evil sea witch in the Disney animated classic The Little Mermaid, Ursula has become a rather stylish choice, thanks to its unique U- spelling and cool lilt. In the Slavic culture, theres a special day when all gifts from God celebrate: the first Saturday of the Great Lent before Easter, which is also known as the Horse Day. Particularly in Russia and Ukraine, the kalina plant and its berries are recognized as natural symbols, adding culture and significance to what is already a delightful and earthy Slavic girl name. Theres a very popular fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson, called Ole Lukoie, which is a mystical creature, some kind of a Danish variation of the Sandman. Georgia. Annushka takes the beautiful, ever-popular, Hebrew-rooted name Anna and adds that zesty second syllable, which is both fun to pronounce and admirable to hear. They work hard and love challenges. Most popular Russian Baby names for Boys & Girls | Emma's Diary Origin: German; Meaning: nobility; Popularity: #180; Adaline. 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Zoyechka - : Meaning "life". Ethnic baby names from faraway places like Argentina, Japan, Kenya, and Ireland can be perfectly beautiful and provide just enough razzle dazzle without being over the top. In the Christian world Elizabeth, which is a variation of the name Elisaveta, is believed to be the mother of John the Baptist, and thats why this name is used quite often. Dont hesitate and give your little one another reason to have a party at home choose a beautiful Slavic name and his or her name day is a bonus. There are actually two meanings to this beautiful slavic name. In the Christian world Margaret is a saint and a patron of expectant mothers, and thats why its loved by many. Pure and dreamy, Nadezhda is a lovely name to bless your gorgeous daughter. This has made Lech a strong choice of Slavic masculine name, and Lechosawa is a pretty, feminine stem from this confident root. Wojciecha is a truly awesome choice of name for your feisty little princess! So hide some chocolate between her school books! Prior to start Adobe Premiere Pro 2023 Free Download, ensure the availability of the below listed system specifications. Margarita is another flower in our garden of names. Russian Baby Girl Names - What to Expect 100 Beautiful Slavic Girl Names (With Meanings) - Honey Name Theyll be always worried about the world and will keep fighting for peace. . Anya is an extremely popular name of Russian origin and is widely used as a baby girl's name across the world. The name has also been known by some of the world's most renowned public figures, such as . 80 Slavic Names for Girls | Nameberry